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NISM-Series-I:Currency Derivatives Certification Examination
  • New Syllabus effective for exams February 21, 2012 onwards
  • 20 Tests (13 Unit Test and 7 Full Length Test)
  • 1200+ Questions
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NISM-Series-V-A:Mutual Fund Distributors Certification
  • Latest Updated Questions
  • 26 Tests (19 Unit Test and 7 Full Length Test)
  • 1800+ Questions
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NISM-Series-VI:Depository Operations Certification Examination
  • Latest Updated Questions
  • 15 Tests (12 Unit Tests and 3 Full Length Tests)
  • 750 Questions
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NISM-Series-VII:Securities Operations and Risk Management
  • Latest Revised and Updated Questions
  • 12 Tests (8 Unit Tests and 4 Full Length Tests)
  • 800+ Questions
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NISM-Series-VIII:Equity Derivatives Certification
  • Latest Revised and Updated Questions
  • 15 Tests (10 Unit Tests and 5 Full Length Tests)
  • 1100+ Questions
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NISM-Series-X-A:Investment Adviser (Level 1)
  • Latest Revised and Updated Questions
  • 18 Tests (12 Unit Tests And 6 Full Length Tests)
  • 1400+ Questions
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NISM Certification

Intelivisto, in-line with the objectives of SEBI & NISM, have already started taking different measures for financial education among the masses and budding professionals. Intelivisto provides complete e-learning solutions and online exam preparations blended with classroom experience. Online assessment portal of Intelivisto aims to provide good quality securities market education and affordable online test preparation mechanisms to students. offers the NISM mock test in form of chapter-wise and full length online tests for the preparation of various NISM Certification Examinations. These model tests are designed as per the parameters set by the apex securities market institute NISM for their tests. These tests are comprehensive online question bank featuring 1000 - 1500 questions. Tests carry the same pattern (like negative marking) and testing mechanism (like timer restrictions) as set for NISM online tests. Full length tests cover the questions from units in same ratio as set for respective NISM test.

These Online tests based on the NISM modules can be analyzed further with detailed report of time spared on each question and accuracy level through intelivisto’s assessment tools.